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600 mg Boric Acid | Vegan | Gluten-Free
A healthy vagina is made up of normal flora, supported by an acidic pH. Thank You Pill™ works by re-balancing vaginal pH to support a healthy yeast and bacterial environment.
All Natural Ingredients
600 mg Boric Acid. Vegan, Gluten-free capsules.
Insert into your vagina at bedtime for up to 7 consecutive nights to help restore a healthy vaginal environment. Expect some moisture throughout the night while you refresh.

Benefits That Go Beyond A Fresh Vagina.

Rebalances Vaginal Flora

Rebalances vaginal pH

levels without disrupting the

vaginal microbiome.

Neutralizes Taste & Odor

Thank You Pill™ helps

women achieve the freshest

vagina possible.

Relieves Itching & Burning

It can cure bacteria and

yeast infection symptoms

such as itching and burning.

Fast Acting

Easy to use with fast


Vegan Capsule

Simple natural ingredients

in a vegan, gluten free


Made by Women, for Women

Female scientists and

doctors developed the

Thank You Pill™.

Can I take the Thank You Pill™ orally?
No. The Thank You Pill™ is a vaginal suppository and should only be inserted vaginally at bedtime.
How many nights should I use the Thank You Pill™?
The Thank You Pill™ can be inserted vaginally at bedtime for up to 7 nights.
Can I insert the Thank You Pill™ right before I have sex?
The Thank You Pill™ should not be inserted right before having sex, only afterwards and at bedtime.
Does Thank You Pill™ dissolve, or do I have to take it out later?
The Thank You Pill™ dissolves in the vagina overnight, and you do not have to take it out later. You may experience more moisture than usual as the Thank You Pill™ dissolves.
How often should I use Thank You Pill™?
You can use the Thank You Pill™ after your period, sex, working out, or just when you're feeling less fresh than usual. The Thank You Pill™ can be inserted vaginally at bedtime for up to 7 consecutive nights at at time.
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